Pressure Boosting Pumps

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  • Flows up to 20 Gallons per Minute
  • Boosts up to 60 Pounds per Square Inch
  • One inch (1") Inlet & Outlet


Carroll Water Systems is proud to offer the MQ model self-priming centrifugal pump from Grundflos. The MQ is designed especially for use in residential water applications.


  • Easy To Select - The MQ self-priming pump is an all-in-one solution, eliminating the need for add-on products such as pressure tanks, pressure switches, electrical connections and fittings. With the MQ, everything you'll need is already included!
  • Easy To Operate - The MQ is equipped with light-diodes that clearly indicate the pump settings.
  • Fast Operation - Self-priming within 5 minutes!
  • Versatile Performance - Operates to well depths of up to 8 meters
  • Solid Construction - Made from corrosion-resistant materials
  • Self-Monitoring - The MQ self-priming pump has several self-monitoring features including an anti-cycling feature that prevents repeated on-off cycles in the event of a leaky faucet or minor water leak. The MQ will also shut off when no water is present and remain in that state until water is restored to the system.

For more information on the MQ self-priming centrifugal pump, please complete our online request form, or call us at (800) 978-5100 and take the first step towards water that is cleaner, softer, and better.