Constant Pressure
Submersible Well Pumps

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Carroll Water Systems is a proud supplier of SQE Smartflo constant pressure submersible well pump systems from Grundfos®. The SQE is a 3 inch, two-wire, unit designed to provide constant pressure according to household needs. The SQE also offers variable speed operation and utilizes an SQE pump, control unit, pressure sensor, and 2-gallon tank* to deliver reliable constant pressure in residential water systems. Even when the needs change, the system adjusts its performance to meet the demand.

* Pressure Tank is sold separately



  • Self Protection - Equipped with built in pump protection (dry run, overload, over temperature, over/under voltage)
  • Soft Starting - Prevents water hammering and electrical stress on service mains
  • High Starting Torque - Reliable water supply even at low voltage levels
  • Versatile Performance - Even operates in sandy-water environments
  • Solid Construction - Composite construction; Tungsten carbide/ceramic bearings


For more information on the SQE constant pressure submersible pump system, please complete our online request form, or call us at (800) 978-5100 and take the first step towards water that is cleaner, softer, and better.