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If you have an emergency, call us immediately at 888-981-9712. For non-emergencies, please choose from the following options.

Schedule a Carroll Water Technician For

Sounds of constant running or dripping

Low water pressure issues

Troubleshooting issues with Ecowater systems

Taste and odor issues


Replacement Filters and Salt

To order or inquire about replacement filters or salt, please call the number for your service area.

Hanover, PA: (717) 923-5314
Cockeysville, MD: (800) 981-9712
Edgewater, MD: (410) 834-8507
Chantilly, VA: (703) 372-9724

Water System Quick Answers

Can we rent water treatment systems?

Yes, you can - a great option for renters!

Can I take my water treatment system with me if I move?

Yes. We can disconnect it for you and reconnect it at your new home. Or, if you’re moving out of our service areas, a plumber can reconnect it for you.

Water Well Quick Answers

We are buying property and building a house. What’s the process for drilling a well?

Once you close on the property, we can meet you there, determine if the property can support well water, and then we can drill a well. (In Maryland, you cannot start building until a well is drilled.)

Do I need to have my well inspected?

Under certain circumstances, yes:

  • No water
  • Running out of water
  • Dirt or sediment in water
  • Puddling water or wet areas in your yard
  • Low water pressure
We will perform seven-point inspection to locate and fix the issue(s):
  1. Inspect well cap and well casing
  2. Inspect electrical conduit
  3. Inspect pump motor
  4. Inspect pressure tank
  5. Inspect pressure gauge
  6. Inspect pressure switch and settings
  7. Perform basic water analysis
To schedule an inspection, follow the link below:

Many indicators are visual or tactile, but we have had plenty of customers who didn’t realize their system was not working. A common issue is water softeners that are in “bypass”, meaning the water is not entering the system at all. That’s why it’s so important to schedule an annual service – we will definitely notice if something is wrong.

Other Helpful Resources

Need help setting up the WiFI on your new EcoWater 3700 Series and configuring the mobile alerts? We’ll show you how in this video.
Do you need to replace a cartridge filter? We walk you through the steps in this video, including signs you need to replace your filter and things you should check before hooking the filter back up.

Are you experiencing water pressure issues? Is less water coming out of the faucet or shower than usually does? It may be a problem with your constant pressure tank.

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