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How confident are you in your home’s water quality?

If you often wonder about the impurities in your water or question if your municipal water supply or private well water is really healthy, you can put your mind at ease with a free water test by Carroll Water. Everyone living in your home should be able to trust that the water you drink and use is healthy and won’t cause any nuisances to your plumbing, appliances, sinks, or tubs. Let’s discuss how we can help.

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Expert Water Consultants You Can Trust

When our expert water consultant arrives, they will discuss your water concerns and conduct a simple water test. The results are immediately analyzed by your water consultant so they can provide you with helpful information on common water issues and potential treatment plans to remediate them from your water supply. Their goal is to ensure you trust your drinking water.

Frequently Asked Questions on Water Testing

Do I need to test my water when it comes from a public water company (PWC)?

PWCs are required to provide annual water test results on EPA or state-regulated particles, contaminants and disinfectants used to clean their water. However, this type of testing doesn’t always identify the issues that you’re concerned about solving in your home supply. A free water test is a great way to identify specific issues and receive a unique solution plan to address them.

How fast can I solve the water issues found in the test?

Water samples are tested right in your home or business and the result is immediate so that means your water consultant can design a remediation plan during your visit. Once you select a plan and payment terms, installation can be arranged in a matter of days.

What are the most common issues identified in the free test?

Many customers know there is “something” wrong with their water, but they are not able to pinpoint their issue. Generally, in MD, Northern VA, and Southern PA service areas, the most common water issues are high levels of chlorine, total dissolved solids (TDS), ferrous or ferric iron, acidic Ph, nitrates, and water hardness.

Am I obligated to pay for the test if I don’t purchase water products?

Our customers appreciate our friendly and no-pressure advice. You will not be charged for the onsite test even if you decide on a different water partner. There may be fees for specialized tests that require lab equipment.

What makes a Carroll Waters remediation plan better than others?

As a family-owned and operated company for nearly 40 years, Carroll Water is the best suited to manage your water issues. You can be confident that your remediation plan is the best approach because it is unique to your test results and designed by the only expert in the service area who is authorized to provide award-winning Ecowater water filtration and softer systems.

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