Residential UV Water Purification

Chemical-free Way to Remove Bacteria from Water 

Ultraviolet light water disinfection is a trusted method for eliminating bacteria from your well water or municipal water source. Since it is a chemical-free way to disinfect your water it won’t create harmful byproducts or present a strong odor or after-taste like chlorine.

Today, UV technology is used globally and is regarded as the best available technology for treating waterborne microbiological contamination.

How UV Water Purification Works

The UV disinfection process occurs in a stainless steel chamber that is installed in line with your water system to ensure it treats the whole home.

Learn more about the sources and types of water bacteria in our recent article.

Not sure which residential UV purification system is best for you? Let’s discuss your needs.

Luminor Blackcomb Series

Luminor Blackcomb UV Series

Premium UV Water Purification System

Enjoy Safer Water, Free from Contaminants Today

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