Carroll Water Systems

With the growing demand for cleaner drinking water, sales of bottled water and pitcher filters continue to rise. However, impurities in your tap water can affect more than the water your family drinks. Poor quality water can stain your sinks and bath tubs, spot your glassware, ruin your clothes, and corrode your plumbing and appliances. It may even affect your health. As an authorized EcoWater Systems dealer — the world's largest manufacturer of residential water treatment systems — Carroll Water installs state-of-the-art water conditioning and water filtration systems that can give you bottled water quality throughout your home or business.

Residential, Agricultural, Commercial & Industrial Solutions

Our clients include homeowners, builders, farmers, as well as, commercial, industrial and agricultural businesses. Our service area includes most of central and northern Maryland west of the Chesapeake Bay and portions of northern Virginia. Carroll Water Systems is a locally owned company that provides high-quality water service, water purification, and water treatment products.

Water Conditioners, Filters, Constant Pressure Systems, Well Pumps

Do you need a new well pump or whole house filter? Are you dealing with brown stains, spotted dishes, scale or other signs of hard water? Do you struggle with low water pressure in your shower? What about the taste, smell, and overall quality of your drinking water? Are you having problems with your old, outdated, water softener system?

These are just a few of the many water supply and water quality issues Carroll Water Systems is able to diagnose and correct. We install, repair and service water softeners and conditioners, whole house water treatment systems, water purifiers, reverse osmosis filters, radon removal systems, ultra violet disinfectant systems and constant water pressure systems. Carroll Water also installs new and replacement well pumps and pressure tanks, and we offer water pipe trenching and installation for agriculture and new construction, custom design services for commercial applications, and installation of specialized water treatment systems that reduce MTBE, radon, bacteria, nitrates, and other organic contaminates.