Hi, I’m Charlie Samardelis at Carroll Water Systems. I’m an analytical chemist and a master water specialist.

Today we’re here to talk about musty odors in your water.

This is a common problem for wells that have bacterial intrusions or all kinds of surface intrusions in a well.

They’re a little more difficult to solve and they are definitely trickier to deal with in terms of treatment equipment. It will take time to assess what that odor is and certainly what’s happening in your well to get a really good idea as to how to treat it well.

Have us out, we can take a look at it, test it, and give you a good indication as to how we would approach it and repair it. It is pretty important that you get this taken care of, because if it is a bacterial intrusion, it can also cause those musty odors. Those can be very hazardous to your health.