My Pressure Tank is Waterlogged – What Should I Do?

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In this video, Joe Fiorani from Carroll Water discusses the consequences of a waterlogged pressure tank and the importance of regularly checking and replacing it in order to avoid costly repairs.

If your pressure tank becomes waterlogged, it can lead to short cycling, which can cause your well pump to turn off at a high rate of speed and potentially burn out prematurely. If your pressure tank is waterlogged, you will need to replace the tank and pump which is costly and inconvenient. This is why it’s so important to be proactive in checking and replacing your pressure tank.

To avoid the costly repairs that can result from a waterlogged pressure tank, Joe recommends performing a simple tap test on a quarterly basis. By doing this, you can catch any issues with your pressure tank before they have a chance to cause damage to your well pump.


Hi, I’m Joe Fiorani, I work with Carroll Water and I’m one of the senior techs here. In a previous video, I spoke with you guys on when to replace your pressure tank.

So hypothetically this pressure tank is now waterlogged. What happens with a waterlogged pressure tank as I explained in the previous video was it will go through short cycling. What happens when it short cycles is your pump outside in your well will turn off at a high rate of speed. If that happens, your pump can burn out prematurely, which can cost you a lot more money.

So, the thing to take away from this is know when your pressure tank is bad. If your pressure tank is bad, then you’re going to have to replace your pressure tank and your well pump, which is going to be a lot more costly to you.

What I suggest is, periodically throughout the year – possibly quarterly if you can – come downstairs, give your pressure tank that simple tap test that I showed you. If your pressure tank is bad, catch it before the pump goes bad. You can give us a call at Carroll Water and we’ll come out and check it out for you.

Joe Fiorani

Joe Fiorani has been with Carroll Water since August of 2012. He has received countless hours of training within Carroll Water and several hundred hours’ worth of classroom training at several Water Quality Association and Maryland Dept of Environment approved classes. He currently acts as the service manager for our Chantilly operations where he manages a small team that comprise of service technicians, installation technicians and pump technicians.

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