Why It is Important to Have a Water Softener


Hi, I’m Charlie Samardelis at Carroll Water Systems. I’m an analytical chemist and a master water specialist. Today we’re here to talk about softeners.

Softeners are put in to many homes for many reasons. People don’t like hard water, calcium, buildup on their hot water tanks, buildup in their dishwashers, white scale, the feel of the water, the staining that occurs because of iron in the water, all of which softeners are very good at solving.

There are also other things that softeners are applied for that most people don’t realize. There are many health concerns that can also be removed by softeners, including reducing radium, barium, and some lead components depending upon the construction timing of the home.

So give us a call, we’ll test it, and find out what the best application for you is and softeners are always a great bet in a home. Thanks.

Charlie Samardelis

Charlie Samardelis

Charlie Samardelis is a certified master water treatment specialist, certified through the Water Quality Association for 2 decades, as well as an analytical chemist with 20 years in the industry as a water treatment specialist. His responsibilities include commercial water treatment designs as well as residential applications. His experience includes research and analytical chemistry. He uses a science-based approach to design specifications using data metrics to support approaches used.

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